An easy way to create a habit

An easy way to create a habit

As we have seen in the Fitnesses app, a habit has 3 components.

  • Trigger, which represents a stimulus for habit implementation
  • Routine, which is our activity, and
  • Reward, which is the satisfaction we get after doing the routine

To implement a habit successfully, it is very important to always be aware of “triggers” and have easily doable “routine” at the moment.  Two most common habit triggers are LOCATION and TIME

The simplest way for lasting trigger awareness is having alarm/reminder. Set it up to ring at the most convenient moment for habit implementation. 


A habit also has to be precisely defined. Telling to self “I’ll read every day “is not precise enough. You don’t know when will you read it, neither where, and you’re left to daily circumstances.  But if you determine the right time and location for your reading to be most feasible, then you have 90% greater chances to do it. 

Let’s say you want to read more often. The best moment to do it might be in the morning right before your work. You can formulate your habit this way: 

“At 8am while drinking coffee at HOME, I will read 5 pages of a book.” 

To forge this routine as your habit, it is extremely important to set your alarm to 8am as a reminder for it.  


Don’t forget arranging your environment to make your routine implementation easiest possible. If your routine is reading a book, remove all distractions like the TV, computer, Cell phone, so you can sit down right away and read without barriers and interruptions.   

Good luck with your life changes! ☺ 

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