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The truth about WEIGHT LOSS MYTHS in 3 minutes

  No eating after 6 PM If you eat a slice of pizza at 5:59 PM, it has 400kcal, but at 6:01 PM it has 2500kcal?! ? Of course not, your body doesn’t know what […]

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An easy way to create a habit

As we have seen in the Fitnesses app, a habit has 3 components. Trigger, which represents a stimulus for habit implementation Routine, which is our activity, and Reward, which is the satisfaction we get after […]


Preparing meals doesn’t have to be hard

For effortless cooking, what you need is: The right kitchen equipment  Sharp knife Cutting board Pot Pan Wok Grater Peeler Mixing spoon Casserole Cooking space Clean your kitchen table so you can have a 1 […]