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How to START your fitness journey – 5 simple steps

Most people do not know where to start getting in shape, we have prepared this straightforward 5 step guide : Starting point : 1) Take a “before” pictures of yourself 2) Write down your weight and if […]


Habits define your life and how to change them

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. We are creatures of habits, defining our behavior and consequences of it. Everyone has some bad and good habits, […]


How to control emotional eating

Did you know that your body is a reflection of your mind? Our emotions steer us considerably because in fight VS logical mind, they usually win. Being overweight is often a consequence of emotional overeating, […]


The truth about WEIGHT LOSS MYTHS in 3 minutes

No eating after 6 PM If you eat a slice of pizza at 5:59 PM, it has 400kcal, but at 6:01 PM it has 2500kcal?!? Of course not, your body doesn’t know what time it […]

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An easy way to create a habit

As we have seen in the Fitnesses app, a habit has 3 components. Trigger, which represents a stimulus for habit implementation Routine, which is our activity, and Reward, which is the satisfaction we get after […]


Preparing meals doesn’t have to be hard

For effortless cooking, what you need is: The right kitchen equipment  Sharp knife Cutting board Pot Pan Wok Grater Peeler Mixing spoon Casserole Cooking space Clean your kitchen table so you can have a 1 […]