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    Marko Markovic

    Hey there, welcome to Fitnesses.

    Fitnesses Forum is designed to support you. We want to help people become happier and stronger personalities. Be part of our community!

    Feel free to engage, ask and give your opinions on the topics you can find and to add new ones.

    How you can do that? Check few things below on how to create a new topic and reply on the existing ones.

    Create a new topic

    To start a new topic in Fitnesses Forum you have to submit it through the form you will find when you scroll down through all topics that are already opened. Give your topic a name and add some content to it.


    Topic title – maximum length is 80 characters
    Topic tags – just add tags/categories for organizing your topics ( e.g. fitness, food, diet… )
    Topic type – keep it Normal
    Topic status – choose whether the topic is open or closed

    Open – A normal topic without any restrictions. This topic can be replied to by all forum users on your site.

    Closed – Restricted from any further replies from Participants. Moderators and Keymasters are able to still reply to these closed topics though.

    Reply /Leave a comment

    To reply on some topic, navigate to your forum and click on the topic you wish to reply to. Add your reply.

    You’ve now got everything you need to get started with engaging on Fitnesses Forum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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